Job Opportunities for Immigrants to Canada

Canada is a diverse nation and there are many different types of jobs available to immigrants hoping to create a new life here. Depending on the skills and work experience you have, there are different industries that may be applicable to you. Canada’s economy has been steadily improving for many years, and the amount of jobs available to immigrants has also increased.

Canada employs workers in three main sectors of the economy; Service & Tourism, Manufacturing, and Natural Resources. These are the main industries for people looking to work in Canada, and these industries provide immigrants with good opportunities to find work in Canada.

The tourism and service industry is likely the best place to find an entry-level job in Canada. As immigrants or students on a work permit, you may not have the applicable Canadian work experience, but entry-level jobs in the service and tourism industry provide skilled workers with the opportunity to get real, hands-on experience in a job that usually provides the necessary training. Vancouver, BC, hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics in February, and this brought many immigrants to British Columbia to work in newly created jobs. The tourism industry has continued to flourish since then, with many new jobs being created throughout the region. In British Columbia, the service and tourism industry is busy in the summer and the winter, and immigrants are finding it easier to stay throughout the year, employed in what was previously considered a seasonal job. There are opportunities available in the service and tourism industry for provincial nominees, as Canada is regularly looking for skilled workers to improve Canadian industries.

The manufacturing industry in Canada continues to improve and is also looking for new workers to hire and train. The manufacturing industry plays an important role in the economy of each of the provinces, as well as to Canada as a whole. There are many different manufacturing companies that are frequently looking for new workers and entry-level employees to hire. One of the great things for new immigrants on a work permit in the manufacturing industry is that many times, you do not need any previous experience to be hired for this job, since much of the training is provided.  The training is often relevant to the industry, so a new immigrant can receive training from one company, and then be hired for a better position at a competing company. These companies also hire skilled workers for available positions, so if you have relevant experience a job with more responsibility in a company may be offered to you.

Finally, the natural resources industry is one of Canada’s biggest employers. There are many different areas in natural resources and some provinces have more job opportunities available to immigrants and provincial nominees than others. For example, the forestry industry is very large in British Columbia. This industry employs thousands of people each year and is a great way to get started in Canada. Some of the opportunities within natural resources require experience and some form of formal education, but there are entry-level jobs available that do not require previous work experience. Another big natural resources industry with jobs available is the oil and gas industry in Alberta.  There are often job opportunities for those who are looking to immigrate to Canada. Another opportunity for new immigrants is in the burgeoning green industries.  With the global desire to “go green”, there are many opportunities in Canada in the research sector which could have new immigrants working in this field.

As you can see, there are many different types of jobs available in Canada and there are many entry-level positions that would be perfect for students and new immigrants to Canada working on a work permit. The service & tourism, manufacturing, and natural resources sectors are very prominent employers in Canada, which is one of the reasons why Canada is considered a land of great opportunity.


If you are looking for more information about the immigration process to Canada, how to obtain a work permit or student visa, or you are a caregiver or skilled worker looking for assistance with the provincial nominee program, please contact the team

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