The Four Easy Steps to Hire
a Foreign Nanny in Canada

Are you having difficulty juggling your work and your family? Do you want to hire a nanny but can’t find a local caregiver? Therefore, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is your access toward hiring an affordable foreign nanny. It is the federal government’s approach in responding to the shortage of caregivers and in allowing families like you to hire a foreign nanny in Canada. Here are the four easy steps:

  • Check and Evaluate all the Requirements

Before you think about hiring an overseas nanny, evaluate your capacity to become an employer. Review all the requirements and check if you can meet all of them: a private room for the nanny (if the person you plan to hire is a live-in nanny), proofs that you can pay the worker, and others.

  • Advertise

You have to show efforts and proofs that you tried hiring a local nanny first. Place job ads for at least four weeks. After this period, file and submit the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Wait until you receive a positive LMIA.

  • Look for Potential Nannies

You can start looking for potential foreign nannies to hire. If successful, you can proceed to the third step: the hiring process.

  • Hire a Foreign Nanny in Canada

Enter an employment agreement with the overseas nanny. Give the worker a copy of the positive LMIA and the job offer to start with the work permit application.

Remember, the payment for the LMIA application is not refundable; hence, make sure of your actions:

    • Screen the worker carefully before offering and signing the employment contract. All the requirements must be satisfied: education, training, language, medical exams, and others.
    • Check the employment contract to ensure that it meets all the program requirements.

Are you ready to hire a foreign nanny in Canada? Do you need assistance to make sure you followed every guideline? Do you need help in filling out the LMIA form? Contact a professional immigration consultant now.

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