Why Immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada?

immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada

Your profession and work experience can help you immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada. This is even if you do not have a sponsoring employer. Are you already contemplating on living in Saskatchewan? To help you make a well-informed decision, here are the answers to the question that has been bugging everyone: Why live in Saskatchewan?

Growth in Annual Immigration

In the report of Angelina Irinici at Workopolis.com, the province has experienced huge growth in immigration in 2012 when it reached 11,200. From 2007 to 2012, nearly 43,000 immigrants from 180 countries moved to the province. Interprovincial migration, on the other hand, reached 2,100 in 2012. These people are primarily from British Columbia and Ontario.

Ideal Location for Immigration

If you immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada, you’ll realize that its booming economy makes it an ideal location for immigration as it continuously creates job and investment opportunities for all sectors. Residents enjoy a high quality of life primarily because of the low cost of living. Utility rates and housing costs are low and the personal income tax rate is the third lowest in the country. Also, you do not have to get disoriented with time as Saskatchewan follows Central Standard Time all year round.

Friendly People

People in Saskatchewan are friendly. The province is family-friendly as well, with its infinite number of sports and other activities, and weekend events both for adults and children. If you love staying all day at a nearby lake or spending weekends in outdoor ice rinks and impromptu barbeque or marshmallows toasting in your backyard, this province is life for you.

Are you decided to immigrate to Saskatchewan Canada now? Prepare to apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program early. The International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand particularly accepts applications even without a job offer. Know your eligibility here. Call an expert immigration consultant now for more information.

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