How to Improve CRS Score for Canada

Why should interested candidates learn how to improve CRS score for Canada? Here is a scenario:

You were so excited when you created your Express Entry profile. You found out that you were qualified to be in the pool. Is it time to party? Not yet. If your score is slightly above 300 or 400, it’s not yet time to celebrate. In the most recent Express Entry draw, which happened on August 23, only candidates with 434 points were invited to apply for permanent residence. On the other hand, August 9 Express Entry draw has CRS cut-off threshold of 433.

So, what should you do? Wait until the Invitations to Apply (ITAs) are sent out to those who score 300 or 400? Who knows? That may happen. But it’s not a guarantee. What you should do is to know how to improve CRS score for Canada. Here are some ways:

Improve you language score.

Language tests – or higher language scores – can give CRS rankings the much-needed boost. Make an effort to prepare for these tests. It isn’t bad to aim for CLB9. Anyway, your aim is to make sure that in the future Express Entry draws, you’ll have higher chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply, right? But getting a higher language score is not the only benefit that you’ll receive. It will also create a positive impact to the other sub-factors included in the Skill Transferability section.

Obtain a job offer.

Look for a Canadian employer, apply for work and obtain a job offer supported by a LMIA. You’ll feel amazed to know that you can get an extra 600 CRS points just for this. If you have no idea how to do this, read this article: How to Get a Job Offer in Canada.

Decide who becomes the primary applicant.

Are you going to Canada with your spouse or partner? Know if he’s eligible for the Express Entry and if his score is higher than yours. If that’s the case, make him the primary applicant and you as the dependent.  This is another way on how to improve CRS score for Canada. However, you can’t change your Express Entry profile from primary to dependent. You need to create a new Express Entry profile.

If you want to know more on how to improve CRS score for Canada, seek professional help from an expert immigration consultant.

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