Immigrate to Ontario Canada: The Human Capital Priorities Immigration Stream May Reopen Before the Year Ends

Is it your goal to immigrate to Ontario Canada? Then the Human Capital Priorities Immigration stream may be the chance you are waiting for.

The Human Capital Priorities Immigration stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) opened recently. Fortunately, it closed after a few days later. But if you are seriously looking at living in Ontario, you must not feel disheartened. The province may still issue more Invitations to Apply (ITAs) before the end of the year. Therefore, what you should do is get yourself ready for this.

Annual Allocation for each Canada PNP

Eleven provinces and territories in Canada (including Ontario) receive annual allocations for their respective PNPs. But what if the annual allocation for the OINP is already full after the approval of your application? You have nothing to worry. Successful applications may receive nomination certificates come the next year right after Ontario is assigned to its new allotment.

What is the Human Capital Priorities Immigration stream?

The Human Capital Priorities Immigration stream of Ontario focuses on foreign skilled workers who are already in the Express Entry pool and who possess the required skills, education, experience and others.

When you are in the Express Entry pool (applying for permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Worker Class or the Canadian Experience Class) and you are a qualified candidate to immigrate to Ontario Canada, the province will send you a Notification of Interest. If your application turns out to be successful, your Express Entry CRS score will get additional 600 points. More importantly, you will receive an ITA for permanent residency in the next Canada Express Entry draw.

Is it really the end for you if your CRS score is lower than 400?

Maybe not. Last June, Ontario waived this specific requirement of having at least 400 CRS points when it searched for eligible candidates in the Information and Communications Technology occupations.

Early Preparation is the Key

This is why early preparation is a must. You may be fortunate to immigrate to Ontario Canada, particularly when you have a low CRS score and the province waives the score requirement for another list of occupations — where you have relevant education and work experience.


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