How to Apply for Permanent Residence
in Canada

Are you a skilled worker who wants to immigrate, but has no idea on how to apply for permanent residence in Canada? It’s time to start your research.

Primarily, you have two ways on how to apply for permanent residence in Canada: 1. Express Entry and 2. Provincial Nominee Program. Your eligibility to either of these immigration programs depends on your education, language proficiency, work experience, and others. You will receive points based on these selection factors. Of course, there is a minimum score that you need to reach to be able to apply for permanent residency. If you can’t obtain it, it’s impossible for you to immigrate to Canada.

In the case of Canada immigration, though, sometimes the unexpected things happen. This is why you should not lose hope — even if you get points lower than the minimum. Take the case of the January draws for the BC Provincial Nominee Program. Among the 340 and 403 candidates who received Invitations to Apply are individuals who have scores lower than the minimum. This is because of the drop in the cut-off score.

Discover how the scores change:

how to apply for permanent residence in Canada

Does the increase in the number of Invitations to Apply issued inspire you enough to apply for the provincial nominee program? Or, does it scare you because you are not confident of the score you’ll obtain? No worries. Check your eligibility for the BC Provincial Nominee Program and if you get a low score, click here to know how to improve it. To know more on how to apply for permanent residence in Canada, visit Sure Immigration.

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