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Increasing Francophone Immigration in Canada, Outside of Quebec

Francophone immigration in Canada

In their effort to increase the number of French-speaking immigrants living outside of Quebec and participating in the local labor market and in broader communities, the federal, provincial, and territorial ministers announced an action plan that outlines the activities that they will take separately or collaboratively to achieve these.


The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, The Honorable Ahmed Hussen, reiterated the commitment of the federal government in building and sustaining the Francophone minority communities all over Canada, in part through the Francophone immigration. He said, “Today’s meeting is an opportunity for us to demonstrate real leadership through our own actions and by mobilizing others – such as employers and communities – to support the directions set out in the FPT Action Plan we are approving today.”


The FPT Action Plan for Increasing Francophone Immigration Outside of Quebec includes the following:


  • Create awareness of immigration opportunities and pathways, as well as settlement services, to potential French-speaking applicants;
  • Improve the availability and accessibility, as well as awareness, of services related to the French language;
  • Increase the engagement of employers in the recruitment and employment of French-speaking immigrant;
  • Offer support to diverse and inclusive Francophone communities.


Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honorable Laura Albanese, who co-chairs the meeting with Minister Hussen, stated Ontario’s commitment to achieving its target of 5% Francophone immigration. She added that the action plan and the province’s initiatives “to attract and support Francophone newcomers will strengthen Ontario’s vibrant Francophone communities and help us meet our labor market needs.”


Ontario Minister of Francophone Affairs, the Honorable Marie-France Lalonde, said that the FPT Action Plan is a “step forward in strengthening our Francophonie in Ontario and across Canada.”


If you are a French-speaking individual and you are planning to immigrate to Canada, these efforts in increasing Francophone immigration in Canada, outside of Quebec, is an opportunity for you. Determine your eligibility for Canada immigration. Take the free Express Entry online assessment now.

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