The Express Entry: Canada
Permanent Residency in a Snap!

Obtaining Canada permanent residency has never been this fast and easy, thanks to the Express Entry. Through this system, pool candidates create their profiles and wait until they receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) — that is if they made it to the Comprehensive Ranking System cut-off.

Receiving an ITA is the most important factor for a candidate inside the Express Entry pool as it is the go-signal for you to submit your permanent residency application. Since the launch of the system in January 2015, issued ITAs reached 171,868.

For this year, a total of 21,000 candidates received ITAs. In January, draws no. 81 and 82, a total of 5,500 ITAs were issued with CRS score requirement of 446 and 444, respectively.  February and March results rolled up with a total of 12,000 issued ITAs, with a much lower CRS score requirement of 442 for draws no. 83 and 84 in February. Draws 85 and 86 in the month of March have a score requirement of 456 and 466, respectively. Draw 87 for this month, April, has 3,500 ITA issuance, with CRS score requirement of 444. Expect more ITA issuance from the succeeding months for the hopeful candidates of the Canada Express Entry system.

How You Can Apply for the Canada Permanent Residency through the Express Entry

To begin your application for the Canada permanent residency, try to create a complete profile in the Express Entry. If you obtain 67 points, you’ll be able to successfully do it. If not, work on some ways to improve your score.  

Upon creating a complete profile, you will become one of the candidates in the pool. Evaluate your CRS score: Is it enough for you to receive an ITA? CRS scores play a vital role in the selection of a candidate. In the recently concluded federal draw, 3,500 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 444 received invitations. Being in the pool longer than the other candidates is also a plus.

Candidates get scores based on the following factors: education, language ability, work experience, and other criteria. Do you need help in your Canada permanent residency application? Do you want to know if you are eligible to apply? Take the free online assessment now.

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