Express Entry Update: Profiles Reached
Nearly 600,000 As of January 3, 2018

According to the Express Entry update from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), profiles submitted nearly doubled. From January 2017’s 353,230, the number went up to 598,507. However, it must be noted that over 50% of these numbers are ineligible: 170,221 of 2017 and 283,396 of 2018.

The year 2017 revealed that this is due to the agency’s multi-year immigration levels program becoming the primary source of applications for permanent residency. The agency issued a total of 86,022 while applications reached 109,497. On the other hand, 65,401 permanent residents, along with their families, were admitted to Canada.

As of January 2018, Express Entry pool has 71,087 active candidates compared to last year’s 58,328. Outstanding Invitations to Apply (ITAs) in 2017 are 6,610 and 9,569 in 2018.

Core vs. Additional Points

Aside from the ‘core’ factor, the ‘additional points’ factor also affects the number of active profiles in the Express Entry pool.  Therefore, these two can also help improve your points. As we all know, CRS score has always been the main factor for a candidate’s inclusion in the pool and receipt of ITA. Please refer to the Express Entry update table below:

Express Entry


Top Occupations

Among the occupations of the candidates that made it in the Express Entry pool as of January 3, 2018 Express Entry update, regardless of arranged employment, are cooks, food service supervisors, graphic designers and illustrators, software engineers and designers, and restaurant and food service managers. They made it to the top 5 in the list, with a total of 7,138 candidates. Refer to the table below for the complete list.

Express Entry

If your work experience is related to one of them, there’s no reason to delay your plan. Do you want to start your permanent residency application for Canada now? Take the online assessment now. Check the eligibility requirements as well. Improve your CRS points.

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