Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
Stream Offers New Opportunity

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream

On August 2, the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream has opened yet another opportunity for Express Entry candidates. The province will issue letters of interest for a provincial nomination when they meet the province’s “market-identified labour shortages”.


Letter of Interest 

A letter of interest, as previously mentioned, is Nova Scotia’s way of inviting an Express Entry candidate to apply for permanent residence. Therefore, to improve your chances of receiving a Letter of Interest, you must have a valid Express Entry profile in one of these federal economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class.


Draw-Specific Criteria

The program aims to meet the current priorities of Nova Scotia. What’s distinct of this newest immigration stream, however, is its flexibility as the occupations and eligibility criteria can change from draw to draw.


Settlement Funds

Having sufficient funds is one of the primary requirements. This ensures that you and your family can establish a new and a good life in Nova Scotia. More importantly, this tells that you can shoulder the immigration and travel costs.


Immigration Status

It is also important that your stay in your current country of residence is legal.


What You Should Do

Are you interested in immigrating to Nova Scotia, Canada? Then, grab this opportunity. Create an Express Entry profile and determine if you can be fortunate enough to be one of the Express Entry candidates in the pool. Unlike other immigration programs that have a fixed list of targeted occupations, the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream relies on meeting its complex labour market needs. This is why your existence as a candidate with a valid Express Entry profile is important.

To know your eligibility for the Express Entry, take our free online assessment here: To learn more about the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream, click this link:

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