Canada Work Permit Guide:
What You Should Know

Canada work permit guide

The Canada work permit is a primary requirement for a foreign worker to work in Canada. Almost everyone has their own perception and misconceptions about it. This Canada work permit guide will help you understand more about it: its importance in fulfilling your Canadian dream.

1. The temporary worker is responsible for the application of a work permit—not the employer.

After the temporary worker received a detailed job offer and a positive LMIA, applied for by the employer, he can now apply for a work permit.  A temporary work permit, as all the others know by now, is a stepping stone for a Canadian Permanent Residency.  It is issued by the Canada Border Services Agency officer at the point of entry when the foreign worker arrives in Canada.

2. Securing a work permit does not entitle the person of an unlimited stay in Canada.

Once the temporary worker landed in Canada and issued with a work permit, he will be allowed to work in Canada for a definite time, ranging from a few days to a few years. Consequently, the employee can only work for the employer at the specified time in the work permit.  If in case the worker found a new job and does not have permanent resident status, he must apply again for a work permit before he can start.

3. The work permit is temporary in nature but can be extended while in Canada.

This applies in some cases only, such as:

  • You already have a work permit for one job but want to apply for a different job.
  • You have a temporary resident visa valid for 6 months or more.
  • Your parents and you and your spouse have a valid study or work permit.
  • You are in Canada because you already applied for permanent residence from inside Canada. To be eligible for a work permit, you will have to pass certain stages in the main application.
4. Temporary work permit in itself is not for keeps.

In addition to this Canada work permit guide, a temporary worker has to go through the Canadian immigration process to settle in Canada. He may qualify under the Canadian Experience Class through Skilled Worker Category or through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

If you need more of the Canada work permit guide, you may visit You may also email us at If you are not yet in Canada and you plan to visit a relative, it’s important that you know how to apply for a Canadian tourist visa.

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