Ontario Immigration Program: Pushing for Additional Skilled Immigrants in 2019

Ontario immigration program

The Ontario immigration program may give more chances to people who dream of moving to Canada.

Ontario pushes for an increase in the nomination allocation for 2019.  It targets 7,600 nominations, a heaping increase of 1000 from their 2018 allotment. As the most populous province in Canada, the province hopes to increase nominations for permanent residence next year through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Canadian immigration remains to accelerate both in the provincial and federal level. This is even though Quebec moves to reduce the number of newcomers next year. It becomes the main driver of population and labor force growth in Canada and in many Canadian provinces. This is because it actively channels more immigrants to address the growing need for workers. This includes the Ontario immigration program.


The Promise of Ontario Immigration Program

Ontario, located in the heart of Canada, is also known as the hub of the country’s economy.  Its strong and diversified economy, with many kinds of works and many different industries, offers many opportunities to incoming immigrants. As a matter of fact, half of the new immigrants make Ontario their new home. Therefore, it is not surprising that more immigrants are hoping to move to Canada, particularly in Ontario.

Aside from being the most multicultural province of Canada, Ontario promises opportunities, and a prosperous, democratic society.  It boasts of their people, being their greatest asset, and is welcoming new talents through immigration.

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