Applying as a Nurse in Canada: Find a
Potential Employer Before You Move

Applying as a nurse in Canada is not easy if you are in your home country. But this is your only choice if you do not have the funds to go to Canada. The process may take longer but if you’ll get fortunate, you’ll say, “It’s all worth the long wait.” Below is a guide to help you:

Apply for registration or licensure as a nurse in Canada.

Go to the National Nursing Assessment Service website for the evaluation of your credentials. It’s important that your education gets assessed by the body first so it can release an Advisory Report. After this, apply for registration in the province or territory where you intend to work. Learn how to apply and gather all the documents you will need. Submit your application. Prepare payment as well. 

Look for job opportunities.

Your next step in applying as a nurse in Canada is finding your potential employer. You can do this while waiting for your accreditation as a nurse. Find jobs online. Visit online job searches like Craigslist. List down the job opportunities you are interested in. You may also consider creating a profile on LinkedIn. Highlight the fact that you are looking for work in Canada.

Consult with an immigration consultancy company about applying as a nurse in Canada.

Look for employment agencies that offer nursing jobs in Canada. You may also consider communicating with immigration consultancy firms like Sure Immigration as they have access to a large network of employment companies that look for temporary foreign workers.

The thought of applying as a nurse in Canada can give you excitement. However, don’t let this feeling overwhelm you. Your focus is important as the journey toward working and living permanently in Canada can become difficult, particularly if you are not well-prepared. Make yourself well-equipped with the information on how to become a registered or licensed nurse in Canada. Obtain a job offer then apply.

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