How to Work in Canada: What to Know
Before You Get a Work Permit

Most of us dream of going to Canada to work and to become a permanent resident. However, this remains a dream if we do not act now. Here’s how to work in Canada:

Know if you need a work permit.

If you will work as a coach, judge, news reporter, performing artist, short-term highly skilled worker and others, you do not need to apply for a work permit in Canada. If your occupation is not on the list, then you have to get one. Likewise, check the type of work permit you have to obtain: Is it an open work permit or an employer-specific work permit?

Determine your eligibility.

There are two ways to know if you are eligible to work in Canada: through the general eligibility requirements and the eligibility requirements when you apply from outside or inside Canada or when you enter Canada. Upon verifying your eligibility, carefully check all the documents you need to prepare and forms you have to accomplish.

Consider how you want to apply for a work permit.

Which is easier or more convenient for you: Applying online or on paper? You can decide on how you want to. Just make sure you get everything you need before you start applying, including the documents you need from your employer (a positive LMIA and a job offer). However, if you are applying under the Global Skills Strategy or the International Experience Canada Program, you have no option but to do your Canada work permit application online.

Start your work permit application.

How to work in Canada? Download the application package. Pay the application fees and submit your application. Upon submission, know the processing time for your work permit application.

Knowing how to work in Canada starts in applying for a work permit, which involves a very technical process. One wrong move and you will lose your chance of working and obtaining a permanent resident status in Canada. This is why potential candidates prefer to use the service of an expert immigration consultant to make sure that everything they do meets the requirements for a work permit application. You should, too.

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