The Canada Job Offer

Recruitment and even immigration consultancy companies in Canada are receiving a number of emails from people each day, inquiring about the Canada job offer for foreign workers. This only means that not a lot of people are familiar with it. Because of this, we are giving this four important points. Begin reading.

Do you have a plan to immigrate to Canada?

You can try to create a Canada Express Entry profile even if you have no job offer yet. However, if you get into the Express Entry pool and you become eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program (meaning, your points made it to the cut-off score), but you don’t have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family, a job offer is a requirement.

The Canada job offer for foreign workers is not something you can easily obtain.

Even with your qualifications, it still requires hard work. One strategy to get is to ask a family member, relative or friend in Canada to refer you to an employer that may be looking for someone with your skills. You may also search for job postings online or submit your applications directly to the employers’ websites or career pages. Let your education, skills, and work experience work wonders for you.

Receiving an Invitation to Apply is possible even without a job offer.

In the first half of 2017, 90 percent of the Express Entry candidates received an Invitation to Apply and they were without job offers. They received high scores from the following human capital factors: age, work experience, language ability, and education.

Getting 67 points is not enough.

You can already create an Express Entry profile and apply for the Federal Skilled Worker program. However, your Comprehensive Ranking Score or CRS is only 300. In the history of the Canada Express Entry, the lowest score issued with Invitations to Apply is 433. You are 133 points away from being invited — and that’s a lot! A valid job offer can then help improve your points.

Do you want to know if you are eligible for the Canada Express Entry? Take the free online assessment here. Do you have more questions about the Canada job offer for foreign workers? Write Sure Immigration at

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