On Canada Express Entry and the
Comprehensive Ranking System

Getting ready toward fulfilling your Canadian life goal? Then, the Canada Express Entry can be the one for you. In this system, you will create your profile and obtain CRS points based on your information. You will also get a ranking based on your score.

Your Ranking is only Temporary

The Express Entry pool is progressive. Thus, the rank changes when other hopefuls enter and successful nominees leave, or when the ranking criteria go through adjustments. If you have additional work experience or receive a nomination from your chosen province, your points increase as well. These — along with other factors — can help you receive an Invitation to Apply.

Core Factor and Additional Points

A candidate’s CRS score comprises two factors: the “core” and the “additional points”.  

  1. The core score covers the following: age, education, work experience, and official language proficiency. This can make one obtain a maximum of 600 points.
  2. Additional points, initially, is a combination of points you obtain from the provincial or territorial nomination and a job offer. But because the Canadian government continuously improves the Canada Express Entry system, you can be fortunate to get the additional 600 points through:
  • Post-secondary education credentials – highest level of educational attainment diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate
  • Proficiency points on French-language – maximum of 30 points if you get a score of 7 or higher in  Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens on all the 4 language abilities
  • Sibling in Canada points – siblings must be 18 years above, have a common parent, or related by blood, common-law partnership or adoption

IRCC also made other improvements to Express Entry:

  • Registration to Job Bank now becomes voluntary. Therefore, you should consider registering in the Job Bank to increase your chances of getting a job offer because employers still check them for highly-skilled workers.
  • Introduction of the tie-breaking rule. In case of a tie between the cut-off score, candidates get a new ranking based on the date and time of profile submission.

To improve your rank, you can try to upgrade your human capital attributes, like getting an ECA assessment for your educational credentials acquired outside Canada. To know more, read the 10 Ways to a Higher CRS Score. Additionally, talk to an immigration specialist at Sure Immigration.

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