How to Immigrate to Canada as a Food Counter Attendant,
Kitchen Helper or Others

If you think you can’t work and live in Canada because you are a food counter attendant, kitchen helper or others, think again. The BC Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category is designed for foreign workers like you. It offers you a chance to work and live in British Columbia, Canada without changing your career. Read more to know how to immigrate to Canada.

1-Eligible Occupations

According to the BC PNP Program Guide, you can apply for this specific immigration stream if you work in the hospitality and tourism industries. These include hotels and restaurants. If your occupation belongs in the National Occupational Classification or NOC code 6711, then you are lucky. You are eligible to apply for this immigration stream of the BC Provincial Program. Job positions include:

  • Bartender Helper Food Preparer
  • Bus Boy/Girl Food Service Helper
  • Cook’s Helper Ice Cream Counter Attendant
  • Counter Attendant, Cafeteria Kitchen Helper
  • Dishwasher Fast-Food Preparer
  • Food Counter Attendant Salad Bar Attendant
  • Sandwich Maker

Are you not sure if your job position belongs here? Find the complete list of occupations in the NOC code 6711.

2 – Education

Completing your high school or secondary education is another way on how to immigrate to Canada. This is regardless if it is inside or outside Canada. You have to provide proof. You may also be requested with certification, registration or license, depending on your occupation.

3 – Language Ability

You need to take a language test and submit valid results. These should show that you get, at the minimum, Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 in all four competencies: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

4 – Work Experience in BC

Before you can register for the BC PNP, you have to have at least nine consecutive months of full-time work experience with your BC employer. Full-time means you are working at least 30 hours each week.

5 – Job Offer

You have to show proof that you have a valid job offer for an indeterminate, full-time job from a BC employer. This is a letter written using the company letterhead and signed and dated by the authorized hiring representative. You also have to sign, date, and confirm it. A job offer must contain all the information required.

6 -Proof that Indicates You Meet the Minimum Income Requirements

Your annual wage in BC, the location of your residence in the province, and the number of dependents will indicate your minimum income requirements. You must show proof that you meet these.

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