Francophone Mobility Program:
Canada Immigration for French Speakers

Do you speak fluent French? Similarly, does immigrating to Canada interest you? Then, the program for Canada immigration for French speakers is a piece of great news for you!

The Francophone Mobility Program is an initiative from the Canadian government that issues work permits to skilled Francophone foreign nationals. However, it is uniquely different from all the other Canada immigration programs. Continue your read to find out.

1. The Francophone Mobility Program exempts employers from LMIA and falls under the “Canadian Interests” branch of exemption codes.

For that reason, the employers no longer have an obligation to acquire a positive LMIA before they can hire temporary foreign workers.

2. In this program, all nationalities are welcome and there is no age limit.

As long as your habitual language of daily use is French, you are eligible to apply. Moreover, you are qualified if: 

  • You are willing to work or your location of work is in a province or territory outside of Quebec; and
  • The job offer is for a skilled position (NOC O, A, and B).
3. The candidate for Canada immigration for French speakers can bring along the whole family.

For six months or longer job offer, the common-law partner or spouse can apply for a work permit without a job offer. Subsequently, school-age children can study.

4. The processing time varies.

Processing time for the Francophone Mobility Program depends on the nationality of the candidate applying for the program. However, expect it to be shorter.

5. More opportunities to obtain a job offer.

Apparently, the requirement that recruitment must be through a “francophone immigration promotional event coordinated between the federal government and francophone minority communities” was lifted in September 2017.  As a result, more job offers are available and the time of processing work permit becomes shorter.

6. An easy way to move to Canada.

Most important, the Francophone Mobility Program is a sure and easy stepping stone for a Canada permanent residency.

If you can communicate in French fluently, then you are fortunate. This program for Canada immigration for French speakers is for you. So, waste no time and start your inquiry now.

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