Newcomers to Canada: Steps to Prepare
for Immigration

Living your dream starts as soon as you set foot in Canada. However, as one of the newcomers to Canada, you must not allow your excitement to take over. Prepare for Canada immigration immediately. Here are some of the things that you can do, according to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada:

1. Get your credentials assessed.

When you immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker or plan to work in a profession or trade, your education and work experience (and your credentials as a professional, if you are) require assessment. This will determine if your credentials match the standards set for Canadian workers or if you need to further your education, training or your Canadian work experience. You can have your credentials assessed before your arrival in Canada. Expect that this will cost you time and money.

2. Improve your language skills.

If your language score is the minimum requirement or only a little higher than that, you may want to consider improving your language skills. Strong English (and/or French) skills can help you get the job you want, access services available for newcomers to Canada, communicate with people, and more importantly, obtain your Canadian citizenship. Again, you can work on your language skills even before you leave your home country. If you have no knowledge of the French language and you will or you plan to settle in Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick or Ontario, you should consider learning this language as well.

3. Find a job.

Another way to prepare for Canada immigration is to take advantage of job search-related assistance from various organizations in Canada. There are groups that offer a wide range of services to newcomers to Canada, including resume writing and job search training.

Check the websites of the companies you want to work at and apply directly. Attend job fairs. Ask your relatives, friends, and neighbors in Canada for referrals. Visit the Job Bank. Inquire now.

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