Looking Forward to BC Immigration?
Become an Employer Magnet!

Interested in BC immigration? Because applying for Canada permanent residency, particularly through the BC Provincial Nominee Program, requires a job offer, it would be wise to maximize your chances of obtaining a BC job offer. Yes, your success highly depends on you. Discover what the BC employers are looking for in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience.

Begin with these tips on how to become an employer magnet and start to plan your BC immigration!

1. Make an impressive resume.

A resume is an advertisement tool to promote your self to prospective employers. For this reason, make sure to build a strong first impression with employers and show them your potential value to their company. Represent yourself in an exemplary way to make them believe you can easily adapt to the working environment of their company.

2. Maintain a professional social networking presence.

Nowadays, employers can look you up on the Internet. Maintaining a professional social network account makes you available to every employer in Canada and around the world. Again, highlight your knowledge, skills, and experience.

3. Update your resume, depending on the job position you are applying for.

When applying, you will be sending a number of resumes and applications. In lieu of this, be mindful of the job positions you are applying for and make sure your resume adheres to the required credentials and experience.

4. Get your education assessed, and your training and experience certified for BC immigration.

For BC immigration, not only your education is important but also your training and experience. You have to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment or ECA report. This will indicate the equivalent of your international education to Canadian standards. Similarly, you may need to get certification from the Industry Training Authority regarding your training and experience.

5. Improve your language skills.

Except for Quebec, which requires French-speaking employees, you should take extra effort in improving your English language skills. English is the language used in most of the provinces and territories in Canada. Therefore, you should consider taking it again if you took a language test and the outcome is lower than the minimum.

6. Prepare for interviews.

Practice if you must! Similarly, practice in front of the mirror.  Confidently present yourself and your credentials. Likewise, do some research on the company. Again, check the job requirements.  Prepare some questions and answers you think will come out in the interview.

These are only tips on how you could make your plan for BC immigration possible. Of course, everything else is up to you. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the whole job application process.

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