Ready to Immigrate to Canada?
Know your Roles as a Caregiver

Regardless if you are all set to go or you are still planning to apply to immigrate to Canada as a caregiver, it is important that you know your roles to get you prepared for the job. This is particularly essential if you provide care at home. Below are some tips to help you out:



You are a member of the healthcare team.


Keep in mind that you are a part of a team, especially if your client has health issues. Yes, it’s a huge task; thus, you have to be aware what entails your job. You have to monitor the intake of medicines and you have to make sure that it is according to schedules. You have to accompany the client to visits to the doctor. Listen carefully. Write notes so you will not forget anything. As a team member, you have to know everything about the patient and the medical conditions.  



Communicate effectively.


It’s your responsibility to update the doctor about the condition of your client each time you go to the appointment. Is the patient improving? How has he been since the last visit? Have you noticed side effects after taking the newly prescribed medicine? Again, it is best to write notes so you can remember everything. You will also report the same to the family. Talk openly about what your patient needs or what you need to do your task faster, easier or more effective. Discuss the appointments, tests, and treatments. These are the things you have to prepare for before you (plan to) immigrate to Canada.




Offer emotional support.


As much as possible, help your patient to continue to live as normally as possible. Talk each day. Share stories. Do activities (if still possible). Discuss topics that you know the client is interested in. Help him express himself — fears, concerns, and others. Make him feel that you are there to assist him.


Your primary aim is to immigrate to Canada. However, learning how to apply as a caregiver in Canada is not the only important thing. Knowing your roles as a caregiver should also be a goal. It’s a huge responsibility; thus, you have to get ready for it.

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