Canada Express Entry: 10 Ways to
a Higher CRS Score

Are you disappointed because you get a low Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS score in the Canada Express Entry? No worries. You have 10 ways to improve it.


1. Obtain a Job Offer

Look for job opportunities in Canada and get hired. Secure the job offer and the 200 CRS points that come along with it!

2. Consider Various Factors

Do not focus on only one factor. Discover other areas that can help increase your CRS score. Some of these factors may only help you earn a few points for the Canada Express Entry but remember that a small improvement still matters.

3. Choose Who will be the Principal Applicant

If you are applying with a spouse or common-law partner, think carefully who will become the principal applicant. Start by checking whose job is in the list of in-demand occupations in the province. A higher scoring spouse will be beneficial for both partners.

4. Get a Provincial Nomination

Getting a nomination from the province you are currently in means a very strong 600 points added to your CRS score. If you are not yet in Canada, you can begin to look for an employer in the province you plan to live in and who can support your application for Canada permanent residency in the near future. This route may take time, but it’s worth the wait.

5. Study in Canada

Study in Canada and earn extra points. A post-secondary education (one or two years) can give you 15 points while a three-year post-secondary, professional degree, doctorate or master’s can help you obtain extra 30 points.

6. Talk to an Immigration Specialist

Make your plan happen. Seek help from an immigration consultancy company like Sure Immigration that can evaluate your qualifications. Take the free Express Entry Online Assessment available on the website.

7. Obtained ECA Report

Have your current education evaluated through the Educational Credential Assessment. This can help you earn additional points.

8. Increase Your Work Experience

Work, work, work!  Even a non-Canadian work experience still counts. Increase the number of years you work. Of course, being able to obtain work experience in Canada is the best way to improve your CRS score. Apply online or ask for referrals.

9. Score Higher on Your Language Test

Okay, you reach the minimum language requirement for the Canada Express Entry. Should you feel contented already? No. Keep on learning until your language score gets higher.

10. Learn the French Language

Seriously? Yes. If you’re committed to your goal, learn the French language and earn additional 30 points if you become proficient. Along with this, you get 30 additional points for your English skills (if your score is CLB 5 or higher).

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