Internationally Educated Nurses Canada:
What is IEN Bridging Education?

You are an Internationally Educated Nurse if you are a graduate and a registered nurse outside of Canada. Because of this, you can choose to join the workforce in Canada. However, like other Internationally Educated Nurses Canada, you must go through a process. To become a licensed/registered nurse, the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) must evaluate your nursing education first.

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Wait until the release of the NNAS Advisory Report. You can then proceed to your application for registration to the province or territory of your choice. At this stage, you will know if you need to complete an IEN bridging education.

Why is the IEN Bridging Education Important for Internationally Educated Nurses Canada?

This is not a requirement only for the purpose of getting a nursing education program in Canada. Internationally Educated Nurses Canada must take a nursing course to improve their knowledge and skills. Their level of competence must be equivalent to the Canadian nurses educated and practicing in the country. Therefore, the IEN bridging education also prepares you to work proficiently and confidently in the Canadian healthcare settings.

When you come to Canada, you bring with you your own knowledge and skills, as well as professional attributes. By taking the bridging education program or some of the courses it comprises, you learn about nursing in Canada. You acquire the knowledge and skills that will help you meet the requirements to practice your profession. It also helps you communicate in the professional nursing practice. Clearly, IEN bridging education is your pathway to working and who knows, becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

Internationally Educated Nurses Canada is given the opportunity to work in the country as a nurse. Being one, grab this opportunity. Find an expert immigration consultant that can help you go in the right direction now.


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