Why Search for Canadian Employers
Hiring Foreign Workers?

Begin to look for Canadian employers hiring foreign workers. Canada is one of the best countries to work.

Canada has always been the country of choice for foreign workers, not only because of the possibility of becoming a permanent resident but also because of the many opportunities and financial freedom it promises. It is a country where thousands of jobs are created each month and the unemployment rate is very low compared to other developed countries. Not convinced yet? Read on!

1. Programs for Newcomers

Of course, the first thing you would want to know is how a country treats immigrants and what opportunities are available–particularly for newcomers like you. Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Programs for newcomers are too many; thus, moving to Canada may come in handy.

2. Unemployment in an All-Time Low

Looking at the unemployment rate in Canada —7%, by the way — one can say that it is definitely capable of providing employment to skilled workers. Have an open mind with all the opportunities Canada will give you in terms of jobs. Start looking for Canadian employers hiring foreign workers.

3. Skilled Workers are Highly Needed

The demand for skilled workers is high in Canada. The skilled labour shortage prompted federal parties to launch programs that will train foreign workers to have the skills required for employment.

4. Training is Encouraged

Canada allows its workers to get used to their jobs and have time to grow. These privileges include paid leave for professional training and apprenticeship and payment for tuition fees. If you are a worker gathering more experiences and skills, look no further!

5. Healthy Workers, Higher Productivity

Healthcare is accessible and, most importantly, affordable for workers. For instance, doctor visits are free. Who knew that going to check-ups can be guilt-free!

6. Advanced Tech

Canada boasts modern technology, which makes it an ideal workplace for people who work on IT and computers. It is a center of technological marvels and continues to grow as more innovations are developed. Just standing by their machines will make you feel techie!

7. Modest, not Pricey

Surprisingly, with all the benefits and freebies, living in Canada is affordable and manageable. Through the advancements in the country, housing, food, and power are relatively cheaper, making the cost of living relatively low. This gives you all the chances to save up, either for yourself or for your family.

8. Immigrants are Welcome

Canada was hailed as one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants. It accommodates people from around the globe, so you should not be afraid of unequal treatment or opportunities! Everyone is treated with respect and recognized based on what they can do, not where they are from.

9. Time Spent at the Workplace

In terms of keeping track of work time, it is mandatory in Canada to follow the 8-hour per day and 40-hour per week rule. Any work that is done exceeding that has to be paid as overtime. This grants the workers an option to either go the extra mile or just lie down and rest after work.

10. Go on Vacations

It does not have to be all work and no break! If applicable, you can ask for two weeks of leave from work. Canadian employers hiring foreign workers know this from the start. This comes with pay as well, so it is totally guilt-free by this point. Additionally, you can ask for an additional week given that you are able to complete a certain task that can cover your missed days.

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