How Much Money Do I Need
for Canada Spousal Sponsorship?

Do you want to know the spousal sponsorship Canada checklist so you can start your application? Initially, anyone who lives in Canada as a citizen or as a permanent resident is eligible to sponsor a spouse or common-law partner to move to the country and live as a permanent resident. However, there are those who believe that they have to have a certain income to become eligible.

It is a common misconception.

While it is true that you have to submit proof that you are eligible to sponsor your spouse, the spousal sponsorship Canada checklist does not include any set amount of money as income requirement.


To become eligible to sponsor your spouse to Canada, you must ensure that you are:

  • Not a recipient of welfare benefits from any Canadian province.
  • Not undergoing any bankruptcy proceedings and previous bankruptcy claims must be settled.

Note that both of these financial requirements must be met when you submit your spousal sponsorship application.

If you are still receiving any welfare benefits, it is best to submit the application the day after you receive such welfare benefits or when your bankruptcy is settled. Since Employment Insurance benefits or disability benefits are not part of the requirement, you can sponsor your spouse, conjugal partner or common-law partner, as these benefits do not fall under the welfare.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) is pretty lenient about the income levels. Similarly, those who previously had financial hardships, such as bankruptcy and welfare benefits, will not affect the application. It does not have any bearing on the application whatsoever.


Financial Obligations of Spousal Sponsorship

Since you are acting as your spouse’s sponsor, you accept the obligation of taking care of the welfare of your spouse during the stay. This obligation means you also have to take care of your spouse financially, as directed by the government. The length of support is dependent on the type of sponsorship application. For a spousal sponsorship, the financial obligation can last for three years. Remember that if you sponsor your spouse and they receive any type of governmental welfare benefit, you are financially liable to pay back the said benefits.

While there is no set amount of money to sponsor your spouse to Canada, according to the spousal sponsorship Canada checklist, you must have enough money to look after your spouse when they arrive in Canada until your spouse finds work and earn.  To learn more, contact us at Sure Immigration.


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