Spousal Sponsorship Canada Processing Time:
Is It Affected by COVID-19?

spousal sponsorship Canada processing time

The Canadian government recently announced that they will continue to accept and process applications to sponsor a spouse or common-law partner amidst COVID-19. However, the spousal sponsorship Canada processing time depends on how sooner you can complete the requirements.


The Canadian Immigration amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the Canadian government puts in measures to address the pandemic, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also made some adjustmentsThe IRCC will continue to accept and process new applications for permanent residence even during this time of the pandemic. Because there are disruptions brought about by the crisis, they will allow submission of incomplete applications. You can, therefore, submit your spousal sponsorship application on-time. Provide the documents you lack later on. But, as mentioned above, the spousal sponsorship Canada processing time may take longer as the IRCC waits until you are able to complete your submission.

The IRCC must also know the reason for delays. Therefore, you must provide a letter of explanation, detailing the COVID-19 related delays. They will just keep and continue with the review not later than 90 days after your submission. If after 60 days the application is still incomplete, IRCC officers will remind you to provide the missing documents within the 90-day deadline.


Spousal Sponsorship Application Changes

Typically, people receiving social assistance are ineligible to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner.  This rule prevents those who depend on the government’s social assistance as the sole source of income. This time, however, the agency made exemptions. Those who receive tax credits, subsidized housing, childcare subsidies, and employment insurance may now qualify for Canada spousal sponsorship.

To stop the spread of the virus, the government implemented travel restrictions. Hence, foreigners cannot enter Canada. Immediate family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, however, are exempted from this restriction. This includes spouses or common-law partners. However, travelers must show proof of relationship. Documents include but are not limited to the birth certificate, marriage certificate or evidence of common-law status, Canadian passport or Permanent Resident Card, and others. You may submit both the paper and electronic versions. Do not forget that travelers must strictly adhere to safety and health check protocols of the airlines and airports before they can enter Canada.

Begin your preparation. Delays with spousal sponsorship Canada processing time is likely, but what’s important is that you have already started with your spouse’s or partner’s Canadian immigration journey. Call now to get help from a professional Canada immigration consultant.

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