How to Work as an In-Home Caregiver in Canada

in-home caregiver Canada permanent residence

If you are an in-home caregiver and looking forward to applying for Canada permanent residence, the Home Support Worker Pilot is for you.  Because of this recently launched in-home caregiver program in Canada, it would become easier to work and settle in the country.

How to Qualify as an In-Home Caregiver

To work as an in-home caregiver in Canada, you no longer need a two-year work experience. As long as you have a few months of caregiver experience (work as a family caregiver counts as long as you have proof) or you hold a related training certificate, you can already apply for a work permit and permanent residence. By the way, obtaining a job offer is a must.

Reasons for Working as an In-Home Caregiver in Canada

As an in-home caregiver in Canada, being able to work and obtain Canada permanent residence is already a dream come true. But the country offers more. Here are some inspiring reasons you should choose Canada to work as a home support worker:

Profitable Job Openings

Canada is a stable country that has the 11th largest economy. However, the significant gap in the labor market is present due to the early retirement of Canadians. The local workers are not sufficient to fill in job vacancies. For this reason, the Canadian government promotes immigration programs to sustain the labor market needs.

Free Public Education

Canada is known for having high standards in education. Your children can have free access to public schooling and finish up to Grade 12. After graduation, they can apply for Canada’s reputable educational institutions.

Free Healthcare

People with permanent residency and Canadian citizens have access to Canada’s world-class healthcare system. 

Low Crime Rates

Canada is among the top ten safest countries to live in the world. Therefore, if your safety and security are one of the main reasons, choosing Canada to build your career is a better option.

In-Home Caregiver Canada Requirements

Two years of Canadian work experience is no longer necessary to be able to submit your application as an in-home caregiver for Canada permanent residency. Basically, the requirement is to meet the eligibility requirements, apply and submit your work permit and Canada permanent residency applications. Go to Canada to work and then complete the 24-month Canadian work experience. Learn more here.


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