caregiver immigration program Canada

The latest caregiver immigration program in Canada offers more relaxed eligibility requirements. Because of this, more overseas caregivers will have the opportunity to immigrate to Canada as in-home senior caregivers.

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Work Experience

The newest caregiver immigration program in Canada requires that you complete a two-year Canadian work experience before they can process your permanent residency application. But what’s important here is that you can start working as a caregiver as long as you have been issued with a Canadian work permit. Also, you may already submit your permanent residency application along with your work permit application. You only need to get at least 24 months of qualifying work experience and submit proof soon as did.

Language Requirements

In each language ability (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), your score must at least reach CLB 5. If in your first try you get a score lower than this, do not lose hope. You may take the language test again. But before you do, make an effort to improve your language skills.

Educational Requirements

If you have at least one year of Canadian post-secondary education, then you already meet this requirement for the newest caregiver immigration program in Canada. If none, you can have your foreign education assessed. The result must indicate that the education you obtained from your country is equivalent to the educational requirement so you will become eligible.

Job Offer

All the first three requirements are nothing if you have no job offer as it is the primary factor for you to work as a senior caregiver in Canada and eventually become a permanent resident.


Do not miss this chance of immigrating to Canada with your family. With the latest caregiver immigration program in Canada, you can already prepare to bring your family members with you to Canada soon as your work permit is released. They can choose to study or work while you try to get work experience. Learn more about the Home Support Worker Pilot here.