in-home caregiver recruitment checklist

Searching for a potential caregiver candidate online? Writing a caregiver job hiring ad? Have you come across these phrases: bathing and grooming, meal preparation, companionship, transportation, etc? You know that these are part of a typical in-home caregiver recruitment checklist—but do you know what they entitle?

If you are aiming to hire the best senior care, it’s good to know exactly what to expect in terms of services. Read on for more insight on what the general caregiving services should cover.

Personal Care

Bathing, toileting, grooming and dressing are all part of personal care. Most seniors have limited mobility and aren’t able to take care of these basic tasks themselves. It’s the responsibility of caregivers to support them to maintain good hygiene and physical comfort.

Healthy Food Preparation

When it comes to food preparation, the in-home caregivers’ responsibility isn’t limited to cooking. They must also be ready to make a meal plan, do grocery shopping, clean the dishes and the kitchen and help the senior with eating if necessary. A healthy, well-balanced diet is very important, especially for seniors.

Mobility Assistance

Going outside can help seniors in many ways. In fact, experts recommend them to spend time with nature as it improves physical and mental health, boosts memory, fights depression and encourages engagement. If the senior is dealing limited mobility, they will depend on the help of an in-home caregiver. Therefore, mobility assistance must be included in your in-home caregiver recruitment checklist.

Health Care

Taking the right medication, at the prescribed times is very important. The senior won’t always remember so it’s the caregiver’s task to help monitor and administer these. They also need to accompany the senior to their doctor’s appointments and take care of listening to the doctor’s feedback and instructions.


The in-home caregiver must be able to transport the patient to and from the clinic and other places the senior may have to be.

Light Housekeeping

Light housekeeping means making sure that the home is free from clutter (to avoid trips and falls), emptying the trash, and organizing medicines, clothes, etc. Scrubbing the floor, cleaning the carpet, mowing the grass and other tasks like these are not the duty of an in-home caregiver.


To make sure that your senior loved one receives the best care possible, you should have an understanding of the type of care they need. So when writing a caregiver job ad to post or when searching for a potential candidate online, see to it that your in-home caregiver recruitment checklist is complete. If you need help in finding a caregiver, email us at or visit our website.