Vancouver home senior care services

Is it too late for seniors to begin a healthy lifestyle? Seniors in Vancouver, particularly those who have chosen home senior care services, may think it’s already too late for this. The short answer is that although the impact of lifestyle changes at this age may not be as significant—it’s sure to still create positive health outcomes.   

Providence Health and Services has, for example, overall seen fewer episodes of influenza and upper respiratory infections in seniors who quit smoking around the age of 75 than those who didn’t quit. Within five years, you will already be able to see general health improvements and their risk of lung cancer decreases as well. Changes like these will definitely make a difference in their health and quality of life. The same is true about exercising.


Physical Activity

Caregivers in Vancouver, who provide home senior care services, will assist with exercise routines, as prescribed by specialists or the senior’s doctor. You’ll see gradual improvement as time goes by; they’ll able to get out of bed or walk with more ease than before. Regular physical activity helps improve sleep, lowers the risk of falls and injuries and prevents (or slows the progression of) diseases.

If you hope to make exercise more fun and enjoyable check with your community if they have groups of seniors that do exercises together. The caregiver can accompany them.


Healthy Eating

Switching to healthy eating habits is always encouraged, regardless of age and previous eating habits. An optimal idea would be to put together a meal chart every week so they can plan the grocery shopping. Fruits, vegetables, whole-grain food and those rich in protein are a must.

If the senior is struggling with their sense of smell or taste, opt for different herbs and spices so the food becomes more flavourful and enjoyable.


It’s never too late to make positive lifestyle changes. Especially for those seniors in Vancouver who are at home receiving senior care services. The impact may not be huge but any improvements will make a difference in the long run.

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