hire an overseas in-home caregiver

Should you hire an overseas in-home caregiver. Or, should the family take over the responsibility of caring for the senior loved one?

Most people think that by providing the care themselves they get to save money. Where in reality, it will actually end up costing them more. Family caregiving can have a more financially significant impact than they realize.


Home Modification

Once you’ve reached the decision to personally care for your senior parent, the first thing you have to think about is the layout of your house. Ask yourself: Is it senior-friendly? If you have doubts, check online how you can make your home safer.

If your senior parent is already in a wheelchair, there will need to be ramps, stair lifts and rails. You should also look out for fall hazards and see how you can remove them. The average cost for home modification for this purpose is $9,000.


Absenteeism at Work

According to The Vanier Institute of the Family report, 44% of caregivers who are employed reported to have missed an average of 8 to 9 days of work in the previous 12 months because of providing care.

Thirty-six percent of young carers also left work early, arrived to work late or took the time off because of their caregiving responsibilities. Along with this issue of absenteeism is the loss of income.

On the Canadian employers’ side, they lose about $5.5 billion every year due to lost productivity brought about by caregiving-related absenteeism.


The Program Coordinator of the Family Caregivers’ Network Society, Barbara Small, wrote in The Financial Impact of Family Caregiving, “It’s not easy to predict just how much you’ll spend as a family caregiver.” But one thing is for sure. If you and the other members of the family are not able to plan well, the financial impact, particularly the loss of income, may continue.

By hiring an overseas in-home caregiver, you will be able to focus on your job and other daily responsibilities whilst also be assured that your senior parents receive the care they need from an experienced caregiver.

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