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After more than a year on hold, holders of Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) can now complete their landings in Canada and become immigrants!

Last Monday (21 of June 2021), Canada’s borders opened up once again for approved permanent residents, as a part of a series of actions taken in the process of easing COVID-19 restrictions.

The travel restrictions imposed by the Canadian government on the 18th of March, 2020 – 15 long months ago – had left some 23,000 COPR holders outside of Canada. 
Those who received their COPR on or before the regulations and restrictions have been enforced were exempt from Canada’s travel restriction, but those who received their COPR after the 18th of March, 2020 were left in a grey in-between area of having passed all the stages of the immigration process, yet still not being officially recognized as permanent residents.

What should I do if my COPR has expired?

Since COPRs are only valid for up to one year, many applicants who were unable to travel to Canada due to the travel restrictions are now left with expired COPRs and confusion regarding their situation.

It is important to know that individuals whose COPR expired during the COVID-19 travel ban will not have to go through the immigration process again. They will, however, need to wait for the IRCC to reissue their COPR before attempting to travel to Canada. 

For the moment, the Canadian government asked individuals with expired COPRs not to travel to Canada yet and noted that more information on when and how they can have their COPRs reissued will be available soon on the IRCC website. As for COVID-19 regulations, holders of valid COPRs will not be exempt from following the new travel restrictions, such as a possible 14 days quarantine in some cases.

On a happier note – fully vaccinated travelers will not have to go through the mandatory quarantine upon arrival!

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