BC Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia has its unique Provincial Nominee Programs that allow the province to nominate foreign nationals — international graduates, international post-graduates, skilled workers, healthcare professionals, and others — who dream of immigrating to Canada and are particularly interested in living in British Columbia. The IRCC permits British Columbia to invite individuals who meet the requirements to apply for permanent residency.


BC Provincial Nominee Program Eligibility Assessment

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Let us help you determine your eligibility for the BC Provincial Nominee Program. Write your answers on the boxes. Submit your information and we’ll get back to you!


1. Do you have a job offer in B.C.?
If your answer is yes...
What is the job offered?
What is the annual wage of the BC job offer?
Where is the location of the job?
If your answer is no...
What is the job you are interested to apply for in BC?
If you are currently employed in BC...
What is your occupation/job position?
Is it a full-time job?
How long have you been working in your present company?
What is your annual wage?
2. How many years of related work experience do you have in this occupation?
3. What is your highest educational attainment?
4. Are you currently working full-time in B.C. Canada?
5. Did you complete your post-secondary education in Canada?
6. Did you complete your post-secondary education in British Columbia?
7. Did you get a Educational Credential Assessment? If yes, where did you get it?
8. Have you successfully completed the Industry Training Authority British Columbia (ITABC's) challenge certification process?
9. Did you take an English proficiency test?
10. What are the results?