The Smart Choice For Your Agency

There is a continual shortage of local skilled elderly caregivers in Canada. As a result, home care agencies cannot keep up with the influx of demand and take severe strain in being able to freely supply private households with the full-time, quality care they need. For this reason, the country has turned to immigration. The Home Support Worker Pilot  was thus put in place to combat the labour shortage experienced nationwide.

As a home care agency, you have the option to employ Canadian caregivers or:

  1. A foreign national with a status (studying or working) inside the country
  2. A foreign national outside the country, provided they meet the eligibility and admissibility requirements of the Home Support Worker Pilot (National Occupational Classification 4412)

By hiring foreign nationals through the Home Support Worker Pilot, you can expect them to stay for a minimum of two years so they can meet the two-year Canadian work experience requirement for permanent residence. This helps eliminate the high turn-over rate you experience with local caregivers.

Through this program, you can offer your clients the flexibility of choosing as much or as little care as needed with the ability to adjust the schedule at any time.

You will be able to conduct extensive screening processes for potential employees which includes a thorough interview process, reference checks and criminal background check. This will ensure you are fully aware of the candidates skills and background.

Why is this your best option?

Hiring an independent worker from abroad provides long-term stability as they rely on you for employment and, in turn, you rely on them for their skill and commitment.

Note: Caregivers employed by a home care agency are covered under WSIB (Workers Safety and Insurance Board). Any claims are strictly between the WSIB and the home care agency, not the client.

The Home Support Worker Pilot is the easiest and most reliable solution to the shortage issue you may be facing. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you find quality caregivers for your clients.

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