How to Hire a Foreign In-Home Caregiver


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) of the federal government permits Canadian employers to hire foreign caregivers or nannies when no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is qualified to take the job. It’s possible to hire a foreign worker who is already in the country and is about to end a job contract or someone who holds an open work permit.

Help Me with LMIA


According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, LMIA or the Labour Market Impact Assessment is a paper that you, as an employer, need to secure before you can hire a foreign worker under the TFWP. You will provide important information about the position, as well as about the number of Canadian workers that applied and were interviewed, and a full explanation of why the Canadian applicants were not considered. The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) performs the evaluation, ensuring that the employment will not create a negative impact on the Canadian labor market.


Step 1: Accomplish and submit all the required documents, including the LMIA application form and the in-home caregiver employment contract, to the Service Canada Centre (except when the position is located in Quebec). Make sure the papers you submit are only copies. Keep the original documents. You may still need these in the future.


Step 2: If the application is incomplete, you will receive a communication from Service Canada staff, telling you that your paper will not be processed. This is why it is important that you submit a complete application.


Step 3: ESDC will assess your documents.


Step 4: A positive or negative LMIA is issued to you.


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How to Hire a Foreign In-Home Caregiver or Nanny

Before hiring a foreign in-home caregiver or nanny, it is important that you know the proper steps to avoid wasting time and money:

Step 1: Check if you meet the requirements set for employers:

  • Business number or BN from the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Record of employment
  • Proof of individual requiring care
  • Financial ability
  • Transportation of the foreign worker
  • Workplace safety
  • Employment contract
  • Recruitment and advertisement requirements


Step 2: Advertise your job requirement for four consecutive weeks.


Step 3: Find an in-home caregiver to hire. Ask help from an immigration consultancy company like Sure Immigration. Make sure the foreign in-home caregiver you will hire can:

  • Provide care to your child or to your elderly parent or relative on a full-time basis (30 hours per week minimum)
  • Work in your home where the care will be provided
  • Satisfy all the requirements set by the ESDC and the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), including but not limited to language proficiency (English or French), education, training, experience, and others
  • Speak, read and understand English or French


Step 4: Apply for an LMIA and pay the processing fee of $1,000. A positive LMIA is what you must get as it justifies your need to hire a foreign worker and it is a requirement for the caregiver’s application for the work permit.


Step 5: Give a copy of the positive LMIA to the temporary worker to begin applying for a work permit. The IRCC will then evaluate the application and if successful, issue the work permit, along with the entry visa.


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Help Me Find an In-Home Caregiver or Nanny


It’s not easy to find a caregiver that is highly-qualified and of good character. Because we have a wide international network that enables us to source foreign in-home caregivers, we can help you find the one suitable for your family and more important, to your child or to the elderly family member: expert, trustworthy, polite and friendly. We make this possible by pre-screening qualified caregivers.


We can help you find a caregiver in three ways:


  1. Facilitate the entry of your own caregiver candidate.


It’s common for families to already have the potential overseas caregivers but are either unfamiliar with the complexity of the immigration laws in Canada or have no extra time to even study and go through the process. Sure Immigration provides assistance so the entry of your foreign in-home caregiver candidate will be trouble-free.


  1. Look for a caregiver who currently works in Canada and is in search of new job opportunities.


Many caregivers are here in Canada through the TFWP. It’s not surprising if some of them are looking for new job opportunities. Using our extensive network, we can connect you to one of them.


  1. Find a foreign in-home caregiver who wants to work in Canada.


Many families in Canada prefer to hire overseas caregivers as it is the most convenient and most affordable solution to their needs. If you are one of them, we can help you find a foreign in-home caregiver that suits both your requirements and your budget. We provide expert assistance to increase the possibility of a smooth-sailing, fast and successful immigration process.


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