Immigrate as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur


Planning to start your business in Canada? The IRCC website offers a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs like you:


  • The benefits of entrepreneurship
  • Converting your ideas into a profitable business
  • How to write a business plan
  • Types of business ownership that is suitable for you
  • Choosing a location


…and much more.


But the help does not end even when you have already started your business in Canada as the government supports people like who can contribute growth in Canada’s economy through the job creation and more. It offers information on the following areas:


  • Managing your finances
  • Techniques to promote your business online and offline
  • Planning your operational procedures to ensure productivity and others
  • Business expansion planning


…and much more.

Following all these guides will help you hone your skills as an entrepreneur, ensure consistent profitability, and make your goal of receiving Invitation to Apply possible.


Canada welcomes entrepreneurs, particularly those that can provide job opportunities to British Columbians and can bring innovations and growth to BC’s economy. Here’s are the steps:


Step 1: Check your eligibility.

Step 2: Download the application package.

Step 3: Settle all the required fees.

Step 4: Submit application.

Step 5: Wait until your application is processed.

Step 6: Your application will be forwarded to the designated visa office. You will receive a letter about how you and your family will have the medical exam.

Step 7: You will be requested to send your passport to the designated visa office so you will be issued a permanent resident visa.

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BC PNP – Entrepreneur Immigration centers its attention on experienced entrepreneurs who promote economic growth and innovation. Successful applicants are expected to invest in and manage a startup or an existing BC business and create job opportunities for British Columbians.


Step 1: Make yourself familiar with the program requirements so you will know if you are eligible.

Step 2: Check the profile of a successful candidate, as outlined by the BC PNP-Entrepreneur Immigration Program so you know your chances of receiving invitation and nomination.

Step 3: Register to BC PNP and pay the processing fee. You will receive your registration score.

Step 4: Prepare your application if you receive an Invitation to Apply.

Step 5: Submit your application, including a verification of net worth performed by a qualified supplier, and pay the processing fee. Aside from the submission of papers, an in-person interview may also be possible.

Step 6: Sign a performance agreement. You’ll also be provided with work permit support letter.

Step 7: Manage your business in BC for 18 months.

Step 8: Submit a final report.

Step 9: Receive a nomination certificate from BC PNP.

Step 10: Apply for permanent residence status to the federal government.

Step 11: Continue operating the business and living in BC.

Step 12: IRCC releases permanent residence visas.

Check both of your eligibility here:
Express Entry Online Assessment
BC Provincial Nominee Program Eligibility Assessment

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