caregivers immigrate Vancouver BC, How Caregivers Can Immigrate to Vancouver BC
caregivers immigrate Vancouver BC, How Caregivers Can Immigrate to Vancouver BC
caregivers immigrate Vancouver BC, How Caregivers Can Immigrate to Vancouver BC

THE Home Support Worker Pilot:


The Home Support Worker Pilot is designed to support and protect overseas caregivers who would like to work and immigrate to Canada–particularly in Vancouver BC. With its launch, the application process has become much easier. As soon as your work permit application is approved and the only thing lacking in your Canadian permanent residence application is the completion of your 24-month Canadian work experience, you can enter Vancouver BC with your family and work as a caregiver to meet this requirement.

What makes the Home Support Worker Pilot unique from the other Canada immigration programs?

caregivers immigrate Vancouver BC, How Caregivers Can Immigrate to Vancouver BC
  1. You can submit your permanent residence application along with work permit application, regardless if you are already in Canada or not—as long as you meet all the program requirements.
  2. Even if you have no experience working as a full-time caregiver in Canada, you can apply for the program as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. Regardless of your work experience, as long as you meet all the requirements, you can submit the work permit and/or study permit applications of your family members who will come with you to Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  4. Your experience as a family caregiver, taking care of your elderly parent or a senior relative, already counts as work experience. You will just need to be able to provide proof.
  5. Even if you have no caregiver work experience yet but you have completed training or a program related to the care of an elderly, you may be eligible for the program.
  6. Your work permit is not employer-specific. This factor is one of the most important for caregivers who would like to work and immigrate to Vancouver, Canada. This means that you can change employers without the need to apply for a new work permit or to obtain a new job offer for the caregiver position.

How to apply?

caregivers immigrate Vancouver BC, How Caregivers Can Immigrate to Vancouver BC

As a caregiver who would like to work and immigrate to Canada, take note of the step-by-step Home Support Worker Pilot application process:

1. Check your eligibility for the Home Support Worker Pilot.
2. Become familiar with the application process. It differs according to your work experience: 
  • No qualifying Canadian work experience
  • Less than 24 months of qualifying Canadian experience
  • 24 or more months of qualifying Canadian experience
3. Gather all the required documents and fill out all the forms if you are qualified.
  • If you have no language test yet, find an approved agency (CLB 5 is the minimum score for all 4 abilities)
  • If you did not study in Canada, have your education assessed from an approved organization (assessment must indicate that your foreign education is equal to at least one-year post-secondary Canadian education)
4. Submit your work permit application (occupation-restricted open work permit), together with your permanent residence application.

If you already have 24 months of qualifying Canadian work experience, make sure that you include the document(s) that prove this. Otherwise, submit the proof only when you have completed the needed Canadian work experience.

5. Give your biometrics when requested.
6. Wait for them to contact you.
7. If approved, you’ll receive a letter, telling you that you are allowed to work in Canada. Otherwise, you’ll be informed of the reason(s) for the refusal.
8. Wait for further instructions.
9. Prepare to go to Canada; bring the letter.
10. Soon as you arrive in Canada, tell the border service officer that you have come to Canada to work.
11. Get your work permit.

If you apply from inside Canada, you’ll get your work permit in the mail. Get help here.

Sure Immigration lives up to its name as it surely helped a lot in my BC PNP application. I am a computer network technician and eligible under the BC Tech Pilot…but I have no idea how to start. When I did a search on Google, I found them. Everything was made clear that obtaining a job offer and applying for permanent residency becomes a breeze! Thanks for the big help, guys!



What are the eligibility requirements?
  1. A valid job offer
  2. Previous work or training that will indicate your ability to do the work
  3. CLB 5 or higher in the language test result
  4. Post-secondary Canadian education of at least one year or its equal, if foreign education
  5. Allowed to enter Canada
What would cause the delay in the processing of my application?
  1. Incomplete documents
  2. Criminal or security issues found or the need to do more background checks
  3. The family situation is unclear (such as divorce or adoption issues not resolved yet)
  4. Verification of data
How to get a Canadian job offer as a live-in caregiver?
  1. Look for job openings online
  2. Get referrals from family, relatives, and friends in Canada
  3. Call us.
How long is the work permit application process?

Typically, it takes 12 months to process your work permit application. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRCC can’t give a definite time for the work permit application process. 


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